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Medicine And Health1 week ago

A new letter in Science intensifies the controversy about the transmission of the coronavirus: the “evidence is overwhelming”, but they are unable to agree

Artificial Intelligence2 weeks ago

Halicin becomes the first antibiotic against superbugs found thanks to artificial intelligence

Smart Homes2 weeks ago

Panasonic advances the Christmas campaign and will offer a refund of up to 400 euros on some of its OLED TVs for 2019 and 2020

Motor Bikes2 weeks ago

The Ducati Multistrada V4 will be the first motorcycle in the world with front and rear radar to assist driving

Internet of Things3 weeks ago

This is how I automated my whole house with artificial intelligence and an open source system

Medicine And Health3 weeks ago

Spain has always been disastrous vaccinating against the flu: the problem is that, in the midst of the COVID crisis, we need to do better than ever

Computers3 weeks ago

Artificial intelligence to design artificial intelligence: the redundant and curious path of Google’s investigation

Artificial Intelligence4 weeks ago

The faces generated by AI are a new weapon of the espionage agencies to obtain information

Smart Homes1 month ago

Seven tips to survive without an Internet connection this summer

Medicine And Health1 month ago

Russia wants its own baby edited with CRISPR

Internet of Things1 month ago

The case of the robot that by means of a dance announced to its owners that it is about to become a paperweight of 899 dollars

Medicine And Health1 month ago

The CRISPR revolution takes an amazing step

Artificial Intelligence1 month ago

Google manages to generate full videos through AI counting

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