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Motor Bikes4 weeks ago

Pedro Acosta exhibits himself again in a last lap of heart attack and opens a gap in the Moto3 World Championship

Internet of Things4 weeks ago

This tiny computer doesn’t need a battery – it traps the necessary energy from the air

Medicine And Health1 month ago

Health ensures that the COVID-19 Digital Green Certificate may be “fully operational” for the summer

Artificial Intelligence1 month ago

Facebook takes measures against deepfakes

Smart Homes1 month ago

Sticky notes evolve: this Alexa-compatible printer lets you dictate them with your voice

Motor Bikes1 month ago

Titanic! Raul Fernandez makes his Moto2 debut after just three races taking advantage of a Sam Lowes crash

Internet of Things1 month ago

Scents on demand: Cyrano is speaker-shaped but “plays” scent lists

Medicine And Health1 month ago

Those vaccinated with Pfizer are likely to need a third booster dose within twelve months, according to its CEO

Artificial Intelligence2 months ago

Seoul to install 3,000 cameras with artificial intelligence to analyze movement patterns and detect possible crimes

Artificial Intelligence2 months ago

That the launch of nuclear missiles after an enemy attack remains in the hands of the AI: the proposal of two US experts.

Internet of Things2 months ago

The case of “smart” ovens that light up at dawn and preheat to more than 200 degrees

Smart Homes2 months ago

NETGEAR presents the Orbi WiFi 6 Mesh, its most powerful mesh network system to date

Motor Bikes2 months ago

The drunk driver of an electric scooter who crashed into a tree was fined 1,000 euros

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