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Achieving an optimal mental state at home: combination of lamp and speaker



In IndieGoGo we find projects of the most striking . Some finally reach a good port and others … others stay on the road. Proposals of the most varied that in recent times have in many cases a common link: the connected home .

Devices that take advantage of the possibilities offered by integration in the home thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity and the increasing presence of virtual assistants. Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are partly responsible for the strength of the connected household, which is gradually adding proposals such as this one: a system to improve well-being in the home .

It is a development of the Ling Technology firm. A lamp that under the name of Auri aims to take care of our mental well-being, for which it uses a system of lights and sounds that seek to promote relaxation. For this it offers up to 26 combinations of light and sound .

If we talk about lighting, this lamp guarantees more than 50,000 hours of illumination with a flicker-free light that is closer to natural light.

Auri has a 36-watt power speaker that, thanks to an omnidirectional acoustic baffle, can offer relaxing sounds in 360º at the same time we hear sounds that seek to bring us closer to that feeling of peace and inner relaxation. Either to help us sleep, to focus on work or to improve our mood, the developers want Auri to be the tool that makes it possible. We can even choose sounds from applications compatible with Alexa, such as Amazon Prime Music or Spotify.

And as we said at the beginning … the virtual assistants are also present in this generation of devices. In this case, it was Alexa, the Amazon assistant, who was chosen to be included in this speaker lamp. By means of 4 microphones at the top , we can control their functions by means of verbal commands but also make them relate to other compatible devices connected in our house. In this way we can control the intelligent connected devices of brands such as NEST, Hive, TP-Link, Wemo .

Along with the control through Alexa, we can also access Auri through an application that we install on our smartphone or tablet and that allows us to configure the ideal environment for each moment. It also integrates a golden touch panel at the top to access the total control of the Auri light in one place.

To improve the benefits this device has two add-ons; On the one hand an aromatic oil diffuser to generate an ideal environment mixing light, sound and smells. On the other hand they also offer a motion sensor that can be placed on the ceiling or in the frame of the door so that the lamp starts when it detects our presence.

Price and availability

Auri will reach the market at a price of 230 dollars but those who participate in the financing process can obtain the loudspeaker lamp with a price of 129 dollars , a discount of just over 100 dollars. Of course, those interested will have to wait until March 2019, the date on which it is expected to start reaching the market if it meets the expected funding.

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