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Air conditioning and household purifiers: this can help keep viruses and bacteria at home



EL COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is rabid today . We still do not know which path the one that can become the first global pandemic of this century will take , but what we do know are the effects it is causing . On the one hand, everything seems to indicate that it will unleash an unprecedented global recession and that it is already causing a general fear and panic that we are not going to value, since to better inform the virologists and epidemiologists.Disinfectant gels and protective masks are sold out in stores and many information and doubts arise about what the filtration systems can protect us from this disturbing virus . Filtering systems such as those equipped with some of the modern air conditioning or air purification equipment that we can already have installed at home.

Can our air conditioning or domestic purification equipment eliminate or capture this and other viruses and bacteria by disinfecting the environment and reducing the spread of diseases within the home? Well, it depends on the type of filter they incorporate and the technology used, something that we are going to study throughout this article.

MERV scale What is your filter for?

Having a home air conditioning system is very common in developed countries. They guarantee an adequate temperature and at the same time allow us to enjoy fresh air thanks to the filters they incorporate. Some filters that we already explain how to clean .

A necessary task to improve energy efficiency and passing through, to make the system work better and to keep the home air clean and fresh. In this sense, we must first know that there are different types of air filters and each of them has specific specifications that allow them to eliminate dust particles, odors, fumes, germs … These filters follow a scale called MERV ( Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.

The highest MERV rating means a higher degree of filtration, which in turn causes a lower air output and therefore requires a higher energy consumption to offer more cold flow. Less dust particles and other contaminants can pass through these filters, so they have a higher value.

Most home air conditioning systems have a filter rated between MERV 8-13 , which allows them to properly remove contaminants in the air. On the other hand, those used in hospital environments usually use a MERV filter with a value of 14-20, offering a greater filtering capacity.