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Arduino gets into the Internet of Things with its new Opla IoT Kit



The Arduino development team has once again surprised us with a new product aimed at allowing anyone to start projects with which to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new Arduino Oplà IoT Kit is a set of components with which we can create up to eight connected applications ranging from remote control of lights or thermostat or control of product inventory and intelligent management of our garden.

A good way to start with IoT projects

As explained in the official announcement, it is not necessary to weld components to start these projects. The kit consists of a small circular control center with a color OLED screen as well as temperature sensors and capacitive touch buttons.

In addition, we have a WiFi plate to provide the product with that connectivity, a plastic casing and various accessories such as the motion sensor or the humidity sensor.

On the official website we can find the eight detailed tutorials to start those initial projects, which are the following:

  • Remote control of lights : change the color, the lighting modes and the on and off.
  • Personal Weather Station – Records and monitors local weather conditions.
  • Home security alarm : detects movement and triggers alarm alerts.
  • Solar System Tracking : Get data on planets and moons in the solar system.
  • Inventory control : allows you to manage the entry and exit of products and food.
  • Smart garden : monitor and manage the environment of our plants.
  • Thermostat control: intelligent control of the heating and air conditioning system.
  • Thinking of you : sending messages between the kit and the Arudino IoT Cloud platform.

This product includes a one-year subscription to the Arduino Create Maker Plan service, which allows you to develop and compile these projects on that platform from any browser and access all the Arduino IoT Cloud options to start up even more ambitious projects.

The new Arduino Oplà IoT Kit is available in the official Arduino store , where it is priced at 99 euros (taxes not included).