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Brixton Crossfire 500 X, a naked neo-retro for the A2 card that costs 6,299 euros



Accustomed to developing retro-style motorcycles, with the air of a scrambler or even Cafe Racer, the brand owned by Austrian group KSR has dared to design what we can define as roadster with neo-retro touches .

This is how the Brixton Crossfire 500 was born, which is sold in an option called ‘X’, adding some details of greater visual appeal. In this way, the brand creates what is its first naked .

Brixton Crossfire 500 X, the first naked from KSR is suitable for the A2

If there is something that is becoming as fashionable as the classic style motorcycles, that is what are known as neo-retro, frames that point to modern designs but without losing some vintage overtones .

The Brixton Crossfire 500 X is a prime example of a two-wheeled vehicle without a fairing that adds to this trend. It arrived on the market just a few months ago and we were hoping to see it up close at the Vive la Moto 2020 show , until the IFEMA organization confirmed a few hours ago that the Madrid event was canceled due to the coronavirus crisis.

This mount incorporates a four-stroke twin cylinder block with a 486 cc cubic capacity, from which a performance of 47 hp is obtained at 8,500 laps. Therefore, this 180 kg unladen motorcycle perfectly meets the conditions to be able to drive with the A2 license .

Unlike the conventional version, the Crossfire 500 X is somewhat wider and longer, with a rear fender that starts from the tail area, while the 500 rear axle. In addition, in any case an inverted fork is mounted at the front and a central monoshock behind, as well as a braking system supplied by J Juan .

The starting price of the Brixton Crossfire 500 painted in gray, the basic version, is 5,999 euros, while to purchase the Brixton Crossfire 500 X finished in a black tone, you will have to pay 6,299 euros .