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Electric scooter for people with reduced mobility: how to choose the model best suited to my needs?



A flagship solution for improving the mobility of the elderly and people with disabilities, the electric scooter exists in several versions. Indoor, outdoor, versatile version… how can you be sure to buy the product that best suits your needs?


Indoor, outdoor, dual use: which scooter to turn to?
Class A: it corresponds to compact and manoeuvrable wheelchairs which are not necessarily able to overcome obstacles. Ideal for flat surfaces like your home or shopping malls.
Class B: corresponds to devices that are suitable for domestic and outdoor use. Thus, they must be able to overcome certain obstacles.
Class C: it includes electric scooters suitable for outdoor environments, whether the road is sloping or damaged. They must be able to travel long distances and overcome obstacles.
Depending on its category, performance, dimensions and robustness, the use of the vehicle will not be the same. As well as its price!

If you are looking to move around your house only, choose a compact device. It must be able to squeeze through tight spaces and must have optimal gyration to make tight turns.

On the other hand, if you are looking to move outdoors regularly and plan to take long trips, Category C scooters are the best option. More robust and heavier, they can generally support higher loads (between 160 and 200 kilos) and have more efficient suspensions and tires. The power is also optimized to ensure long journeys.

Finally, if you are looking for a lightweight device that you can carry anywhere, Category B equipment is perfect. You can use them at home or outdoors and easily store them in the trunk of a car. Ideal if you plan to take your car to go shopping, but an electric scooter is still essential to get around the store. You can also transport them by train or plane, subject to acceptance by the company.

PMR electric scooter purchase: what are the main criteria to check?
After determining what you want it to be used for, it is necessary to learn about the more technical aspects of the device. Whether on the motorization or the safety of the PMR wheelchair, not all are created equal.

Vehicle travel time
One of the most determining criteria. Depending on the use you plan to have, it is important to check that the number of kilometres it can travel corresponds to your expectations.

The mode of propulsion
Depending on the brand and product range, the power of the scooter will vary. Propulsion is managed by one or more electric motors using a battery system.

The weight of the device and the load it can support
The weight of your equipment is not to be neglected. Manufacturers are developing particularly light and foldable vehicles to transport them easily. Dismountable in a few minutes, it is ideal for regular transport by car. Other devices, much heavier, will be adapted to move outdoors.

The handling of the scooter
The turning radius is what will determine the manoeuvrability of your electric scooter. The lower it is, the more manoeuvres you can perform. This data is all the more important if you plan to have a domestic use or cross narrow passages.

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