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Hospitality and new smart management



The hospitality industry is huge, and finding cost-effective methods to manage hundreds of thousands of rooms is paramount to maintaining guest loyalty in our ever-changing digital world. It must, all the same, be recognized that it is very difficult to equip the rooms one by one with the latest technologies; naturally, it is easier to have a whole interconnected protocol to cover the different aspects of hotel management. Plus, turning your traditional hotels into smart hotels is getting a lot of buzz around you.


Through TIS Hotel Room Management System (GRMS), hotel room lights, air conditioning and other appliances and devices can be connected via an intelligent network and send/receive data to support the link between the BMS (technical building management) and the GRMS, which is particularly essential to ensure better control of the ventilation system.

But why is smart room technology important?

The first thing that comes to mind is comfort and a better hotel experience for guests. Customers love having more customization options; they feel more comfortable if they can get exactly what they want. By adjusting room temperature and lighting with a tablet or other smart device, guests feel in control and at ease. Also, finding all the right buttons and switches in a new environment can be a bit difficult for customers, so a single control point that requires a few simple manipulations to control everything in the room is very useful.

Energy efficiency is another factor. Hotel owners favour more economical and sustainable management systems. Thanks to smart technology, the devices are only used when needed. For example, the use of smart solutions with a built-in thermostat makes it possible to automatically adjust the temperature of the room according to the outside climate, and to switch off the thermostat if the room is unoccupied. In addition, sensors detect when guests leave their rooms and communicate this information to switches so that the lights turn off automatically. Thus, less energy is wasted and the hotel industry becomes more environmentally friendly.

In addition, a smart room can meet other needs; in hotels with traditional room management, one has to go to reception or use the phone to request information or service, but having a smart panel makes the request/response process much easier. With a single manipulation, a customer’s request for laundry service is transmitted by the management office and a response is given immediately.

In a smart hotel, the management team can access the control centre from anywhere. Thus, booking rooms for customers becomes easier and more efficient; the room’s air conditioning can be automatically turned on one hour before a guest arrives, or its lights can be dimmed so that the room has an attractive light ambience when the guest arrives. A smart room can be programmed to go into welcome mode as soon as the guest arrives.

In addition, guests will be able to enjoy much more exciting in-room entertainment options. Hotel entertainment systems offer a variety of television shows, movies, and other media facilities to ensure guests have an unforgettable stay. What’s better than watching an episode of Peaky Blinders on a smart TV that automatically turns off when you fall asleep, letting you pick it up right where you left off?

Staying in bed all day has never been so enjoyable for your client. In a smart hotel, each room can be equipped with voice recognition devices. Voice control is an important service provided by smart technology. Customers will be happier when a virtual voice service helps them control TV, lights and air conditioning.

Likewise, rather than contacting the busy receptionist when they want to inquire about the nearest places to shop or eat, your customers can simply use the virtual voice assistant to find that information at a glance, since he has access to thousands of interesting websites.

TIS technology offers a wide range of sensors, panels and other smart solutions for lighting and temperature control. We are a privileged member of Oracle Corporation and we offer compatibility with Opera, Fidelio and Assa Abloy software as well as Vingcard Zigbee Locks. It is also possible to integrate TIS technology with Modbus, KNX and other BMS protocols.

Once again, it must be emphasized that the possibilities of a smart hotel are endless. Considering that differentiation is essential to success in the hospitality industry, if you can make your hotel stand out with the latest smart technology, you are actively increasing guest satisfaction and paving the way for a more successful business. by participating in the key policy of energy efficiency for a better future.

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