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Nurse Call System – Modern nurse call systems also make it possible to establish a talk-to-listen connection



What is a nurse call system?
A nurse call system, also known as a care call system, comes in different forms. This is usually a bedside handset or buttons on the wall. But there are also wireless nurse call systems in the form of wrist or neck transmitters. Modern nurse call systems also make it possible to establish a talk-to-listen connection, to send a location by the integration of geolocation systems or to establish a video call connection. The basic idea is that a customer or patient can call for help by pressing a single button. See also this article on care alarms and personal alarms.



How does a nurse call system work?
Pressing the red button, the handset or the wrist/neck transmitter initiates a call. As soon as the nurse enters the room, the green presence button configures the room in privacy mode. With IQ Messenger, this privacy mode can also be activated by scanning a QR code or NFC tag using the smart device. The other nurses can then see that care is being provided and that there are no more messages from the room. If the nurse needs help from a colleague, pressing the red button is enough to initiate an assistance call. An emergency situation can be signalled by a long press of the red button.

Why a nurse call system?
Nurse call systems provide more safety to customers and patients as they can easily trigger an alarm in case of an emergency. For nurses, the nurse call system combined with the IQ Messenger platform has advantages. With IQ Messenger they have the option of processing alarm messages on pagers, DECT handsets, IQ Messenger SmartApp or the Graphical Floorplan.

Depending on the device:

  • Accept or decline alarm notifications
  • Real-time patient or resident GMD information
  • Initiate talk-listen connection with patient room unit
  • View camera footage from a camera in the room
  • Nurse call systems with two-way functionality are activated upon acceptance of an alarm message by the nurse.

Reassure a resident or patient that a nurse is on the way

  • Changing the Status of the Nurse Call System
  • Switching the nurse call system to “present” in the event of a medical alarm
  • Stop alarm flow for other nurses during setup
  • Automatic recognition of the presence of a nurse in the room

Patient call system
Nowadays, the classic nurse call system is no longer a given in various segments of healthcare. The advance of smart sensors, circles of life and smartphones means that these systems are often replaced by modern technology.

Nurse call system for healthcare professionals
Customers and patients use a wristband for active alarms and a smart sensor for passive alarms. The nurse indicates his personal presence in the room by his smartphone, by scanning an NFC tag outside or in the room, for example. Room settings, image observation as well as the personal safety of healthcare professionals are also supported within the same smartphone

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