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Our favorite product of the MWC is not a mobile, it is this cat litter connected



The Mobile World Congress 2019 is not just folding and 5G phones, there is also room for other curious products. For example we have seen a hula hoop connected to the mobile or the case that concerns us today, an automatic sandbox for cats . Cat owners understand the enormous value that such an invention can have.

LavvieBot deals with one of the most cumbersome things to have a cat, is not to set it aside when it decides to get in the way or get in the most inopportune place, but to clean up its feces. This automatic sandbox is responsible for keeping itself clean and also to notify by notification to the mobile whenever the cat needs.

The sandbox has a dimension of 49.5 cm wide, 58.2 cm deep and 70.4 cm high. It seems suitable for most cats, although as they themselves indicate, it may not be comfortable for some especially large breeds such as the Main Coon or the Norwegian Forest. The entry in the sandbox is located at a small height, with this indicate that it helps to prevent sand from leaving the tray.

Automatic cleaning without maintenance between 2 and 3 weeks

The problem of automatic sandboxes is that in some way or another they must store the waste inside the device, which inevitably generates a bad smell. In addition, the rakes responsible for cleaning the sand do not always do their job well. LavvieBot says to solve this thanks to its rotating rake mechanism and the non – stick tray it has.

Apart from cleaning the stool tray, also fill it with sand again if necessary. In a 6.7 liter compartment you can store enough sand so that, according to the manufacturers, only maintenance is required every two or three weeks . Two or three weeks if only one cat uses it, how many more cats are in the house, the period is shorter. The maintenance is to change the plastic bag where the waste is stored and fill the sand compartment.

The sandbox has a height at the entrance to prevent the sand from coming out.

To deal with the bad smell, those responsible say that LavvieBot uses activated carbon from coconut, an odor neutralizer that absorbs most of the bad odor and dehumidifies. This active carbon has to be replaced approximately every year.

The sandbox that recognizes every cat that needs

A curiosity of LavvieBot is that besides being free of feces, it is able to detect every cat that uses it . It does so depending on the weight of the cat that enters the box, but there must be a minimum difference of 0.68kg between them. With this you can keep track of how many times each cat goes and how much time it uses.

Like any technological product worth its salt, it has an app for smartphones. Basically serves to monitor the use made by the cat (or cats) of the sandbox, sending a notification whenever it has been used . It also allows checking if it needs to be cleaned or filled with new sand.

At the moment LavvieBot is more a prototype than a final product, although according to the brand indicated in the MWC, in South Korea they are already testing it with 700 cats. In Spain they are looking for a distributor to start selling it, according to their official website the price is 659 dollars .