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Popular online applications for booking tickets



People buy their tickets online for events. Whether you are new to events or a professional, you know that selling tickets is an important step in the success of your project!
Powerful online ticketing software not only helps you keep attendees happy, it also saves you time. This streamlines the registration process and receiving payment before an event. A must if you need cash upstream, to pay the speakers, rent the room and hire service providers.
But how to choose your ticketing tool? There are many service providers on the market… To help you, focus on 10 online ticketing software that will allow you to ensure the success of your event!



For your concerts, festivals, conferences, workshops… Weezevent is the perfect solution. Its intuitive interface allows you to sell tickets and invitations in less than 5 minutes. In a few clicks, your participants get their pass by email. Perfect for creating a last-minute ticket office! Another positive point: the tool can also manage the sale of tickets on-site. Handy if you want to sell tickets via on and offline methods.
In addition, Weezevent offers a marketing and CRM tool that helps you segment potential participants, design and send email campaigns and track their performance in real-time. Of course, the data on your participants is available for download and any marketing exploitation following the event.
In terms of payment, Weezevent donates the balance of tickets sold twice a month (the 1st and the 16th).

Parties, shows, seminars, fairs, conferences, online lotteries or even weddings… Yurplan is a multifunctional solution that helps organizers to fully manage their events, thanks to simple and intuitive tools.
Equally suited to professional and cultural events, this online ticketing software also offers promotional tools to communicate on all channels. Its objective is to help you raise the funds necessary for the smooth running of your event.
Yurplan also offers a CRM that allows you to know and analyze the behaviour of your participants, in order to optimize your marketing operations.
The platform charges a 2% commission on each ticket sold. As for the payments, they are returned 5 to 6 days after the end of the event

Billetweb prides itself on being the best in the ticketing market! Its main argument? Rates deducted from your sales: 0.29 euro/ticket + 1% of the ticket price.
With this tool, you benefit from 100% customizable ticketing and easy integration on your website, in 5 minutes flat!
Whether for a cultural, sporting, associative or tourist event, Billetweb has an integrated shopping cart system to combine purchases for several events. With its CRM, you can better know your audience, segment it and optimize the impact of your messages.
Billetweb also offers integrations with Facebook, Campaign Monitor, Zapier or Sendinblue, to synchronize your data and refine your marketing strategy for your next events.
In addition to the customization of your tickets and the purchasing interface, you receive your payments after the end of the event, or twice a month, depending on your preferences. In any case, you follow the evolution of sales in real time.
What is special about this tool? Participants can reserve their tickets without paying. If the event is cancelled, those who have already paid can easily get a refund.

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