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Sticky notes evolve: this Alexa-compatible printer lets you dictate them with your voice



The small sticky paper notes are one of the accessories that we most often use in offices and at home to write down things that we must remember, write down addresses, telephone numbers, schedules, pending tasks, the shopping list, etc.

Until now the usual thing was to do them by hand, although perhaps this new device presented by Amazon helps to change the paradigm of domestic annotation thanks to the fact that it allows us to print this type of notes by dictating them directly through Alex a.

It is a device that was born as a concept of “Day 1 Editions” in Amazon , a category of products in which the distribution giant proposes ideas that are finally manufactured if they achieve enough interest from the public, something that this intelligent printer from notes has been achieved.

The operation is simple. It plugs into the electrical current and connects to a WiFi network that is already running. At this point we must have an Alexa-compatible speaker , such as an Echo computer, which should be less than 10 meters from the printer.

The user dictates whatever he wants to the loudspeaker by means of a vocal command such as “Alexa, print a note: go to class at 4:00 pm” or “Alexa print a sudoku” and the dictated text or images are printed on the paper roll integrated into the printer, which is thermal, so it does not need to refill ink, since it is enough with the thermosensitive paper itself.

The equipment comes with an adhesive paper roll that can be changed for other colors when it runs out, although it has not yet indicated how much these parts will cost.

As we pointed out at the beginning, this printer has exceeded the first expectations of the “Day 1 Editions” program on Amazon and they hope to start shipping units on a date between July and September 2021 for a price that is still unknown but that in pre-purchase was 115 dollars , so presumably it will be very similar.