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The 39 worst ideas to put technology in a thing that doesn’t need it



Bottles with touch screen and WiFi? A pregnancy test with Bluetooth? It may sound strange, but they are just examples of how sometimes you take an object that has been around for a long time and make its “smart” variant by simply putting technology in when you don’t need it .

The worst thing is that they are not the only ones: next we will give a tour of 39 things that, for some strange reason, have had technology added , which want to be presented as a good sample of innovation, but many times they end in absurd ideas, little practices and that in the end nobody uses.

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The worst ideas of putting technology in a thing that does not need it

The dog collar that sends tweets
Puppy Tweets
Someone thought that it would be a good idea for a dog to have his profile on Twitter and send his own tweets by barking , this thanks to a device that hangs from the dog’s collar, which is synchronized via WiFi with our computer, to that every time our friend barks or makes a sound, the device will translate them into one of its 500 preloaded phrases.

Puppy Tweets of course requires the intervention of a human for all the configuration, yes, you will also need to open the Twitter profile.

A headband … quantifying
Personal quantification sometimes seems to get out of hand, technology companies sell us the idea that we need to know absolutely everything about our physical activity, but now we go one step further. Brainbit is a headband that offers to quantify our mental health , thanks to four electrodes and two sensors that monitor brain activity, in order to know our emotional state at all times.

Of course, its operation is based on connecting through Bluetooth to our smartphone to transmit the information collected. Its creators are waiting for medical certifications that endorse the results obtained by this headband.

A tampon that lets you know when it’s time to change it
My Flow Tampon
Of course, there will be women who want to know at all times what the status of their tampon is, and for her comes my.Flow , a tampon that connects through the thread to a small sensor, which has Bluetooth connectivity to link with an application mobile on our smartphone, from where you can check the status of absorption, as well as receive notifications and check the history of the period.

The oven with WiFi
1366 2000
If what we are looking for is to equip our house with pure devices that can be controlled through our smartphone, here is another option. In addition to the refrigerator, Samsung also has an oven with a WiFi connection , so that we can control the temperature and enable functions from anywhere in our house, of course, all with the power of our smartphone and a mobile application.

The washing machine that buys its own detergent
1366 2000 2
Continuing with the appliances, Whirlpool has a washing machine and a dishwasher equipped with WiFi and Amazon’s Dash system , which allows you to keep a count of the washing cycles to determine when it is time to place a new order of detergent , something that it does it automatically without user intervention. And although it sounds incredible, it does not require the use of our smartphone.

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Pans want to be smart too
1366 2000 1
The fashion for putting connections reached the pans, since there are several bets that offer from WiFi connection, Bluetooth, as well as sensors that measure temperature, weight and humidity, which allows to have a strict control of what we are cooking, Since all the information is sent to our smartphone, where we will also receive alerts and tips to be all ‘smart chefs’.

The multifunctional fridge
Coolest cooler
With the arrival of crowdfunding platforms, we have had an explosion of ideas without limits , where some have become surprises that have gone around the world. Such is the case with Coolest Cooler , one of Kickstarter’s most successful projects, raising more than $ 10 million in funding.

It is a refrigerator equipped with everything you need for the picnic , from a wireless speaker via Bluetooth, USB ports to charge devices, an LED light inside, its own blender, a compartment to store plates and cutlery and even a bottle opener. The bad news is that despite having raised more than ten million dollars, there are still people who have not received it.

The bottle with touch screen and WiFi
If you have $ 200 and you want to invest in a bottle capable of giving information about the wine inside, then Kuvee is for you. It is a bottle equipped with a system that allows it to have a touch screen and a WiFi connection , but inside we have a metal bottle with the wine, which has been highly questioned since it is not the most recommended method to preserve it.

This bottle, which is more of a bottle-shaped container, allows us to request new bottles, consult information about the wine, the ideal temperature to keep it, as well as being able to surf the Internet .

The bra that quantifies

The OM Bra was a sports bra capable of monitoring exercise routines and physical activity , an idea that might not sound so bad, but when we see that the quantifying device is attached to the bra and it is necessary to remove it when it is put in the washing machine, then no longer It seems like such a good idea, because everything this device offers is available in a wide variety of bracelets. The website of the company that came it does not seem to be operational.

The “olfactory” alarm clock
Sensorwake Smell Based Alarm Clock
Imagine that every morning instead of waking up with a chaotic ringing we could do it with the aroma of fresh coffee, it sounds interesting right? Well, that is the idea behind Sensorwake , an alarm clock that uses a kind of cartridges equipped with essences ranging from grass, sea, coffee, toast, mint, chocolate or a croissant.