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The best dental software should be able to do that



Finding the best dental software is not that easy, because the lack of cost information from some manufacturers makes the comparison difficult. Here you will find the list of all certified dental software providers, as well as prices for a few selected ones. We also looked at and processed the market shares of the market leaders. The higher the market share of the respective dentist program, the more dentists are likely to be satisfied with it. Find out more here or get free, non-binding offers directly using the form below.




The best dental software should be able to do that
A modern dental practice no longer just treats patients but acts as a small company in which structured processes prevail. From appointment management to patient administration to the documentation of findings, all threads come together in the dentist’s software.

As with any practising software, the demand for the best dentist software should be to make the practice workflow efficient and easy to use. Error-free updates should also continuously optimize existing processes and keep the dental software up to date, especially with regard to the telematics infrastructure and the e-prescription, which must be used by all contract dentists as of January 1st, 2022. The focus should not only be on the dentist or his staff, but also on his patients. Competent customer service completes the product.

Establishment of efficient, time and cost-saving work processes
Customer-oriented appointment management with a reminder function and automatic sending of e-mails
Private and/or cash accounting: DTA, BEMA, GOZ
Interfaces to dental X-ray devices ( DVT devices, OPG devices, tube X-ray devices ), sterilizers, image plate scanners and other relevant medical devices
problem-free integration into the telematics infrastructure and compatibility with corresponding card readers
competent and easily accessible customer service
Compatibility with external third-party software (digital anamnesis, video consultation, etc.)
In addition, the dental software must meet the requirements of the KZBV. Dental software providers must ensure that their products have the required program modules so that the data for doctor billing

  • Knr12 module (version 5.3)
  • KCH billing module (version 5.1 from January 2022)
  • KBR billing module (version 4.6 from January 2022)
  • Orthodontic billing module (version 5.4 from January 2022)
  • PAR accounting module (version 4.2 from January 2022)
  • ZE billing module (version 5.8)
  • Transmission module (KCH, KBR, KFO, PAR and ZE; version 2.1 from January 2022)

There is no general answer to the question of which dental software is the best. However, a comparison of the market shares between the dental software providers can provide information about the level of satisfaction. But just because one practice software is installed a little more frequently than another, that is by no means a reason to switch. After all, a practice software change is a large project with risks (loss of data) that requires the acceptance of the employees.

Dental practice software comparison: 
Before purchasing dental practice software, the first step must be to ensure that the existing or newly purchased hardware is compatible with the selected dentist program. Even the best dental software is useless if your practice computers are running the wrong operating system. For this purpose, we have made a dental practice software comparison for you.

Some dental programs, such as B. teemer, Apollonia, claire or Charly were developed as web applications. This means that the dental software can be accessed via the browser regardless of the operating system, as all functions and data are accessed from the cloud. Accordingly, such accounting software can be operated on Windows, macOS or iOS.

This dental practice software comparison is based on the manufacturer list. Only dentist programs that meet the mandatory requirements for dental practice management systems are listed there. The following information on the operating systems refers to the workstations, not to the servers. The abbreviation PVS stands for Practice Management System.


Software Company Requirements
teemer ARZ.dent GmbH
  • Windows, macOS, iOS
  • Internet connection with at least 16Mbit/s and a powerful PC
apollonia / iDent Procedia Ltd
  • Windows, macOS, iOS
  • Windows 10 Professional, Windows 8 Professional, 7, XP Professional, from Windows 2008 Server, Linux Server (Suse); in multi-user systems with LINUX on the server, different Microsoft operating systems can also run on workstations
  • At least one processor i3/i5 with 2 or 4 GB and a hard disk from 80 GB
  • can also be used on the move, e.g. on a notebook, iPhone or iPad
  • Windows (8, 10)
  • Multi-user systems: peer-to-peer network or central server (Linux or Windows)
  • WLAN networking is not supported
CGM HIGHDENT PLUS CompuGroup Medical Dental Systems GmbH
  • for university dental clinics and large practices
ChreMaSoft CompuGroup Medical Dental Systems GmbH
  • “Ready for Windows 10”
  • was fully integrated into CGM Z1.PRO
Z1 CompuGroup Medical Dental Systems GmbH
  • complete integration into the successor CGM Z1.PRO
CGM Z1.PRO CompuGroup Medical Dental Systems GmbH
  • Windows (8, 10)
  • Memory: at least 2 GB (tablet), at least 4 GB (single user)
DentistCalculator CompuGroup Medical Dental Systems GmbH /
Dental Express/Ortho Express Computer Forum Ltd
  • Windows
  • Ortho Express: Software for orthodontists
  • Dental Express: software for dentists
ivoris Computer concrete AG
  • at least Windows 8.1 Pro, recommended Windows 10 Pro
  • ivoris dent: for dentists
  • ivoris ortho: for orthodontists
  • ivoris clinic: for clinics
consys-dent CONSYS GmbH
  • Windows (7, 8), recommended Windows 10
  • Vista, XP: yes, but no support
  • Apple Macs or MacBooks
  • Windows 10 Professional (32/64 bit)
  • iPad and iPad Pro
DS4 Dampsoft GmbH /
DS WIN PLUS Dampsoft GmbH
  • Windows
  • Windows
iSiDent DATEEXT iT advice /
DENS office DENS Ltd
  • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (Note: Home variant only for single-user systems)
dentport Dentport GmbH
  • Windows and macOS
DentCalculator Dentrechner GbR
  • Windows and macOS
smiledoctor eoceo GmbH&Co. KG /
ErgoDent ErgoDent Software GmbH
  • Windows
  • Windows
KFO office FDK specialist service of orthodontists GmbH & Co. KG
  • Windows and macOS
  • from Windows 10
DENT MAGIC Jungmann software + paper
  • Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10
Marty Dent MartyData GmbH /
Organizational Office organizational /
  • Microsoft Windows 10, version 1903 or later: Professional Edition or later
multiXdent Rapp Informatics Systems GmbH
  • Linux
charlie solutio GmbH & Co. KG
  • Windows, macOS and iOS
DIOS ZX Spitta GmbH
  • Windows
patient Winkler software
  • designed for use in small practices
  • The software also runs on mobile data carriers (USB
claire Dental Calculator
  • Windows, macOS and iOS
TwoEight ZweiEacht GmbH
  • Windows, macOS and iOS

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