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The Best Electric Bed Mattress – Not to be confused with the medical bed recommended by a doctor



The electric bed, also known as a relaxation bed base, is a motorized bed base that raises your bust and/or your legs to offer you the best sleeping position.

Not to be confused with the medical bed recommended by a doctor, the relaxation bed is in vogue among consumers, especially for the great comfort it provides.



Now it’s important to know which mattress is best suited for an electric box spring, right?

Analyzed then compared 37 brands of electric bed mattresses for 42 hours, and took into account the opinions of 759 consumers.

specifically mattresses (latex, spring, memory foam, hybrid, etc.), pillows, and today we are talking about mattresses for electric beds.

With the degree of comfort they bring, this type of bedding has everything to seduce you and is no longer associated with the medical bed, often prescribed by a doctor.

No, here we are talking about improving your level of comfort, in your little family cocoon.

You adjust the bed as you wish, and benefit from many health advantages:

  • facilitated breathing which can have therapeutic effects on snoring, asthma or sleep apnea by a better position of the head and throat thanks to the inclination of the bust;
  • the reduction of feelings of heavy legs or impatience thanks to better blood circulation;
  • reduction of the risk of vagal discomfort (head spinning on waking), the adjustable bed base allowing you to get up gradually;
  • relief from back pain due to better alignment of the spine.

However, you still have to find the right mattress to match, right?

We have therefore unearthed for you the best foam and latex mattresses, which are, in our opinion, the best materials for electric beds.

Some spring mattresses can also work, in particular the Hush mattress, but most remain unsuitable because of the wear caused by folding the bed.

A mattress for an electric bed that really has the power to change your nights, so I paid attention to several details in order to create this guide:

manufacturing quality and customer service;
value for money;
compatibility with different types of relaxation bedsteads;
types of foam used:

Studied the different sleeping positions (on the stomach, the back, the side), in order to best determine who is best suited for each mattress.

It’s true: each product must correspond to very specific needs, whether we are talking about lumbar support, breathability, support zones, etc.


Generally speaking, mattresses offer a superior sleeping quality, where the impact of each material is carefully considered.

Moreover, the foam and high-quality textiles come from manufacturers in the country, which ensures that the environmental impact of your mattress is limited, both in terms of manufacturing and logistic!

When it comes to foam, weight is definitely indicative of comfort and quality.

Plus, the super-dense 4lb memory foam will provide the plush look and pressure relief you’ve been looking for, and keep it feeling that way for 15 years or more.


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