The Fantic Caballero is updated to Euro5 in its 125 and 500 cc versions but says goodbye to the 250 cc – FindNow
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The Fantic Caballero is updated to Euro5 in its 125 and 500 cc versions but says goodbye to the 250 cc



The Fantic Caballero has been on the market for a while with three mechanical options and a few other aesthetic options, but after the brand got down to business with the update to Euro5 of its mount of offroad aspirations and classic cut, it has decided that it will only offer the versions in the future. 125 and 500 cc.

The update of the Yamaha single-cylinder engine is accompanied by a fine-tuning of the cooling and exhaust system, maintaining the powers of 15 and 40 hp, respectively, in the two configurations that will begin their new commercial stage.

The Fantic Caballero 250 is the new victim of Euro5

The original Fantic Caballero has already decided on a future after the implementation of Euro5 , which will not allow the sale of new motorcycles that do not respect emissions regulations once the year 2021 ends and as something exceptional that has been decided in this year marked by the crisis sanitary.

And basically what the Italian manufacturer has done is update the 125 and 500 cc versions (actually the block is 450 cc) and put aside the 250 cc, so the latter barely has a year to be marketed those that remain in stock.

Therefore, the 15 CV Fantic Caballero 125 will remain, which will be offered in Flat Track, Scrambler and Deluxe flavors for an access price of about 5,200 euros , in addition to the 40 CV Fantic Caballero 500 ( for the A2 ), available in the Flat Track, Scrambler, Deluxe, Anniversary and Rally configurations , at best for an approximate price of 6,700 euros .

We will have to wait for the firm’s distributors in Spain to complete their catalog with these novelties and put a price on it, which should not vary much from the previous ones, although it is possible that some of the aesthetic packages will not be offered here.