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The Seven Big Questions About Coronavirus Vaccines Explained



Finally, after a year full of uncertainties, unknowns and doubts, the arrival of vaccines against the coronavirus is good news on an issue, that of the pandemic, in which we do not have too many. However, it is not without controversy. As Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, announces that Europe will start vaccinating on December 27, there are many questions on the table.

What is that mRNA? It is safe? How is it possible that it has developed so fast? How long does immunity last? What side effects can they generate? What happens to people who have already overcome the disease? How will you get vaccinated in Spain? What will happen after the vaccine? And many more: for some we have an answer, for others we are looking for it.

In the latest episode of Clear the X , we review the big questions around coronavirus vaccines from their conception until they become a regular part of our daily lives. To do this, we have Javier Jiménez ( @dronte ), Xataka science editor and Santi Araújo ( @santiaraujo ), producer of the program and master of ceremonies.

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More than 200 vaccines in full development and many questions on the table

People often speak of “the vaccine” of the coronavirus, thus in the singular. But obviously it is pure rhetoric. As we investigate, we see that beyond the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford vaccine; Beyond that of Janssen, Russian Sputnik and Chinese vaccines , there are currently 273 vaccine projects underway . Of those 58 of them are in full clinical trials and seven have been approved.

We are facing a “scientific feat” that, without a doubt, will go down in the annals of the History of Science and yet (or precisely because of that), now that the vaccine has become a reality, public opinion he is torn between excitement, relief, and disbelief . Therefore, it is important to face the debate head-on and expose with light and stenographers what we know about vaccines and what we still have to know .

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