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People riding great experiments with ‘Dreams’: from the ‘Sonic’ jump to the ‘Metal Gear’ cameras



Despite the timid appearance on stage of the anticipated access of ‘Dreams’ , the complex and deep tool of Media Molecule for PS4 seems destined to jump from one side of amazement to another. Strolling through the creations of its users thanks to the very complete editor means jumping from one experiment to another in a seemingly endless cycle.

Whether it’s from the hand of busts, pictures, videos that serve as proof of animation, intricate logic systems and tributes to the world of videogames, the catalog of ideas of the game of PS4 is to look at a well of genius that should not be overlooked . Precisely for that reason today we collect the most amazing creations of ‘Dreams’ .

The most spectacular creations of ‘Dreams’

Go ahead that, however simple they may seem some of the creations that you will see below, the work behind each of them is simply spectacular. In ‘Dreams’ until the simplest creation is able to leave you sweet potato paste when you enter their guts to try to understand what has been done there.

Whether from the hand of apparent professionals or completely amateur people, each of the works that you will see from here on deserve a loud applause. A chute of encouragement that, hopefully, encourages others to follow a similar path in quality and ambition .

Now that we are all at the same level and we know what is really behindmany of the best creations of ‘Dreams’ , the time has come to enjoy and recreate with the work of your community. Here are some of the most spectacular experiments I’ve found so far.

The jumps and animations of Sonic

We started apparently smooth. A small level inspired by the 2D of the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ from the time of Megadrive. An apparently simple creation that, however, hides an incredible work when it comes to representing the animation of the hedgehog. After him, another with a 3D version of the character of Sega.

An extensive marble game

Reviving Sonic in ball mode we come to this game of marbles that has won the favor of the community for obvious reasons. With a Patreon aimed at people supporting work with more than the likes of ‘Dreams’ , the game shows one of the easiest ways to make the work behind works like this profitable.

Civil War as an example of its possibilities in animation

From the marble genre we jump to Marvel (I could not help it), and that is beyond the games created by the community there are really spectacular works. Attention to this mythical scene of the movie Civil War recreated with ‘Dreams’ , a festival of blows that has no waste and tries to stay constantly at the height of the film.

The beautiful art of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

And from the art behind the world of animation we jump to that of pictorial composition. One that in this case takes advantage of the possibility of painting a live painting in 3D to recreate at the artistic level another of the most anticipated releases of PS4, the video game ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ .

Awesome recreation of the beginning of ‘Metal Gear Solid’

And as a final culmination, an interesting video that shows the process of recreation of ‘Metal Gear Solid’ in ‘Dreams’ . I do not know if all this will encourage someone to give it a chance or it will cause a completely opposite effect and they will flee in terror, but I believe that such tests make the potential of a fantastic game even clearer.