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This lock allows you to control access to the house without having to always carry the keys over



Not long ago we saw what it could cost us to build a smart homewith the alternatives that we would like and with other cheaper ones. And among all the devices willing to grow the payroll of elements of our connected home highlight the electronic locks or smart locks .

A system that arrives to displace the classic keys as a method to control access to our homes . A typology that each time has a larger catalog in which we now find a new alternative that comes from the Kwikset firm. It is the smart lock with Wi-Fi Halo Smart Locks .

The Halo Smart Locks is a lock that in its outward appearance does not differ too much from the appearance offered by other access control systems. A tactile keyboard and a key in the lower area are all we are going to see if it is inside that hides the news.

And to use the Halo Smart Locks we will only need a Wi-Fi network at home and a smartphone to install the Weiser mobile application , which is available for iOS and Android. By means of it we can control the most common functions: guest access, remotely monitor the blocking status and lock or unlock the lock remotely.

To determine who can or can not access, the app allows us to generate up to 250 unique user codes , so we achieve greater security even if we are absent from home.

We have talked about the need to have a Wi-Fi network and that is that Halo Smart Locks is directly connected to the router to interact with it remotely. And when using the Wi-Fi connection, autonomy becomes more important than ever.

Inside, the Halo Smart Locks has four AA batteries, so it is interesting to determine whether the adoption of this connectivity (WI-Fi) instead of other low-power technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee or Z-Wave , can reduce in its performance.

The intelligent lock Halo Smart Locks comes in two models, one, the aforementioned, with touch screen for $ 229 , while there is another cheaper with physical keyboard for $ 199 . They do not require installation and can occupy the space that a traditional lock uses.

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