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This water system at home to alert you of faults and notify you to the mobile



When we talk about security at home, we always think of surveillance cameras , alarms , presence sensors … but there are other threats, sometimes invisible, that can cause us many headaches. A leak of gas or water can be undetectable at first and cause significant damage when we have already realized.

In the case of water leaks we have seen some detectors that are responsible for monitoring the pipes at home and the installation in general to detect possible problems. It is the same objective as Sencentric’s SimpleSENCE.

Continuous monitoring

The SimpleSENCE is a detector that is placed in the installation of water at home and is responsible for monitoring its operation throughout the 24 hours that lasts the day . The objective is to look for possible failures that may cause problems of leakage, breakage or even impact on our consumption, increasing the monthly bill.

To work, the SimpleSENCE has Wi-Fi connectivity to connect to the home router . It is a device in the shape of a PC mouse (it reminds me of Apple’s Magic Mouse) that by means of a series of enveloping water sensors, is responsible for collecting information from the pipe system and sends it to our mobile to notify us about any incidence through the SimpleSENCE app.

The sensor works thanks to a battery that, according to the manufacturer, offers a range of two years . Since we do not need plugs, we can place it near any conduit that carries water.

If the system detects a leak, it is responsible for notifying the user via the SimpleSENCE app to the mobile (both in iOS and Android ), as well as by a text message or via e-mail. Likewise and in the event of any problems with lack of Wi-Fi signal, you can alert through a loud sound like a siren .

Together with the water leaks that can occur, the SimpleSENCE also warns if the temperature is too low and there may be problems arising from the freezing of the pipes. For this, it has a sensor that controls the ambient temperature, especially in areas of cold weather that are prone to bursts in pipes.

Price and availability

The SimpleSENCE can be purchased already on Amazon at a price of $ 59.95 per unit. You can add all you want and so in the same Amazon we found 5 units for $ 251.95 .