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Titanic! Raul Fernandez makes his Moto2 debut after just three races taking advantage of a Sam Lowes crash



Raúl Fernández has already won a Moto2 race. In the one that could least be expected, he has succeeded. And it is that the fall of Sam Lowes in the first race curve has left the rest of the pilots without the clear reference. Everyone had their moment, Arón Canet seemed to take it, but finally Fernández has given the last.

The KTM rider has gone from less to more, delaying the race until he hit the blow in the last five laps. He is second overall, just four points behind his teammate Remy Gardner , who has rescued the podium by miracle in the last lap. Canet climbs to his first podium in Moto2.

At the start the race changed and maybe the world championship. Remy Gardner was in first, but Sam Lowes trying to regain position in the first corner went to the ground . A pretty strong blow, but luckily Lowes got up on his own foot. In any case, zero for Lowes, who would almost certainly lose the lead.

Gardner was in first, but with Marco Bezzecchi, Joe Roberts and Xavi Vierge all behind . Without the great dominator on the track, the options were open for everyone. From behind, the fall of Jorge Navarro, who was risking to come back. Raúl Fernández, Augusto Fernández and Arón Canet, three Spaniards, were beginning to arrive at the group.

Bezzecchi passed Gardner and began to open a gap, while from behind we had a fairly strong accident between Yari Montella and Stefano Manzi . And Honda Asia Team teammates Ai Ogura and Somkiat Chantra also collided. The race was bumpy.

Canet had been recovering at a very good pace, until placing second behind Bezzecchi. The Italian still had a certain advantage, but there was a race. In fact, Canet was coming so fast that it took him just over a lap to catch him and pass him , although Joe Roberts took advantage of the confusion to get inside as well. There was a battle.

Another blow from behind, this time between Nicolò Bulega and Celestino Vietti. Ahead we had a group of up to seven riders dreaming of winning, although Canet and Roberts seemed the toughest . In fact, they managed to open quite a gap and were left alone fighting for victory. The following were already seven tenths.

Six laps from the end, Canet took the lead, and suddenly Raúl Fernández reacted to join the leading duo. In fact, the KTM one passed Roberts and went after the Boscoscuro rider. We had a fight between Spaniards for victory in Moto2. Roberts was beginning to give ground.

With four laps to go, Fernández passed Canet and took the lead. The KTM one had more rhythm, opening a gap with Canet and Roberts. Fernández escaped for his first victory in Moto2, at a circuit where he also achieved it in Moto3. And in the meantime, Gardner was returning to the group fighting for the podium.

Victory for Raúl Fernández, the first of his stay in Moto2 . After only three races he is already at the top of the podium. Gardner leaves the world leader after the fall of Lowes and thanks to a very risky overtaking on Roberts on the last lap that puts him on the podium. Second place for Canet, first podium in Moto2.