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Walk In Bathtub for smart homes



The walk-in shower is now widely present in our bathrooms for its easy access and multiple customization possibilities. If you want to renovate your bathroom that includes a bathtub, you can have your bathtub removed and replaced with a walk-in shower.


Why has a walk-in shower been installed?
A walk-in shower can be easily accessed by children, seniors and people with reduced mobility (PRM). In the absence of a shower tray, access is facilitated. In addition, walk-in showers are mostly more spacious than shower stalls. As a result, they meet all the criteria in terms of safety and accessibility.

In addition, since January 1, 2021, a walk-in shower must be installed in all new homes.

Beyond the practical aspect, this type of shower also offers a tenfold feeling of space in the bathroom, compared to a shower cubicle which partitions the shower area.

In addition, taking a shower makes us consume an average of 40 to 60 litres. By way of comparison, taking a bath consumes an average of 120 to 200 litres of water.

This is enough to seriously ask the question of replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower.

What are the advantages of an Italian shower?
The main advantage of a walk-in shower area is an easily accessible shower area. The possibility of customizing the shower with a wide choice of wall and floor coverings and shower enclosures; easy maintenance with easily accessible surfaces to clean.
This walk-in shower will win you over with its modern and sleek design. You can choose a tileable shower floor or a tileable shower tray with the same tile as your floor or wall covering. Thus, you can create a shower area open to your bathroom. If you want to further emphasize the composition of your room, you can find a wide range of shower screens, both straight and curved.

In addition, unlike a traditional bathtub, an open shower is easy to maintain. Only the drain plug remains visible, which makes it easy to wash the tray or the tiled floor without bending over to access the surfaces to be washed.

Whether you have a narrow or spacious room, the open structure of a walk-in shower makes it easy to integrate thanks to its custom dimensions.

The walk-in shower thus meets all your desires: small or huge, round, rectangular, in a small corner or in the centre of the room, you are spoiled for choice to integrate it into your bathroom.

Another advantage: the Italian shower is easily accessible. It is suitable for a person who has difficulty getting into a bathtub. This is a shower recommended for the elderly or people with reduced mobility (PRM). In the absence of an entrance step, this type of shower can easily accommodate an armchair and thus allow people with reduced mobility to regain their autonomy during a shower.

Easy installation?
Installing a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub requires placing the bathtub upstream. To avoid any water damage when removing the bathtub, it is strongly recommended to call a professional plumber.

In addition, the apron of some bathtubs is masonry. Its removal, therefore, requires breaking it without damaging the walls and floor. Also, some old tubs like cast iron tubs are heavy. Therefore, it will take several pairs of arms to remove this type of tub.

Once the bathtub has been removed, it will often be necessary to recreate hot and cold water inlets on the wall and to divert the wastewater evacuation pipe to the place where the shower drain system will be installed.

For a good flow of water, the floor of the shower must have a sufficient slope. Similarly, the walls and floor must be sealed before installing the shower tray with its drainage system, the coverings, the walls and the shower column. For this, sealing strips are often recommended to avoid problems of water infiltration in the ground. But this work cannot leave room for doubt or improvisation. Therefore, always seek professional advice.

Another important point: to avoid any risk of falling, it is better to provide a floor with a non-slip coating, such as mosaic or pebbles, from the installation.

In order to obtain a modern bathroom, opt for a design and functional walk-in shower. But before embarking on major work, take all the elements into consideration and carefully study your piece of water.

For what budget?
Prices can vary greatly depending on the dimensions of the shower, its accessories and its wall and floor coverings. On average, the price of a walk-in shower varies between $600 and $4,000.

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