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Icon 1000 Squalborn jacket: waterproofing and retro-style demi-season



Now that the motorcycle brands are giving us a small break before disembarking with all their artillery, we can make a space to tell our experience with some of the clothes we use for our tests.

This time we are talking about the Icon 1000 Squalborn jacket , a garment that belongs to the branch of retro-look equipment of the American firm but made with its particular touch of modern design and cutting-edge materials.

Icon 1000 Squalborn: waterproof practicality

With a rather sober appearance, the Squalborn is a comfortable jacket thanks to its Oxford Nylon cordura construction, although it may be slightly hard to the touch. It fulfills its function and is comfortable once placed thanks to the shape of the preformed arms despite feeling a bit stiff in general terms.

One of the great successes of this jacket is that, despite its simple appearance and little overload (for what is usual in the American house), the Squalborn is a completely waterproof and breathable jacket . In this way a garment with a design that would normally lead us to think about relatively simple equipment becomes a very good option for the months of halftime.

It is true that in the case of this garment the brand itself describes as specially designed for cold climates but, again, in our opinion is a jacket jacket halftimebecause besides being waterproof very breathable, but shelter what is said to shelter for the rigors of winter, no.

Yes that Squalborn incorporates a removable thermal inner lining although as it happens in other jackets of the brand is limited to an internal vest, without sleeves. The touch of the lining is pleasant and it is true that it shelters, but the absence of sleeves and the little isolation of the jacket itself make it short in cold climates.

If we had to choose, by its own construction is a better winter jacket than summer. The thick sanity is breathable but very hot in the sun and almost totally lacks ventilation except for a few zips that open in the armpits area. Its opening is wide, but by its location do not force the circulation of air.

But being simple, looking retro-cool and being waterproof also has its improvable side. Line cleaning for example has made the brand renounce to introduce adjustments beyond a pair of brackets on the sides of the waist. We also miss an adjustable neck because if it is not perfect as it is and it is too tight or loose, is what there is, there is no clasp, velcro, or clasp.

At the level of protections, nothing to object. As the rules of the house indicate, the Squalborn jacket includes D3O protections on shoulders, elbows and full back. A total of five pieces that are comfortable thanks to their flexibility and very safe for their ability to absorb impacts. Point for Icon, which is one of the few brands that as a rule puts trellis series on their jackets.

In terms of practicality, the Icon 1000 Squalborn is a fair but sufficient jacket, with all the zippers equipped with quite useful handles and a total of five pockets : two waterproof outer, two inner without zipper and one more with zipper and waterproof, in addition to three small pockets next to the zipper to carry elongated objects.

Icon’s jackets always contain some curious detail. In this case its classic exterior appearance reduces these touches to the logo of the brand itself made of metal on the left side of the chest, but inside the inner waterproof pocket hides a small medal with a saint and the inscription “San Cristopher protégenos”, San Cristóbal, the protector of the drivers.

The Icon 1000 Squalborn jacket is only available in the brown brown color you see in the photos in sizes S to 3XL and its price, as in general all of the brand, is relatively tight with a cost of 300 dollars through of your web page, which at the change of today would be something more than 260 euros.

Icon 1000 Squalborn Jacket – Rating

In favor

  • Impermeability
  • Finishes
  • Retro aesthetics
  • Polyvalence


  • Virtually no adjustments
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Somewhat high price
  • Absence of full thermal lining

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