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What is the ‘Joy-Con Drift’ and what does Nintendo offer to repair this problem with the controls of the Switch



For months, some Nintendo Switch users are having problems with their Joy-Con. It is what is known as the ‘Joy-Con Drift’. Accidental touches, connection failures … “I have two unused sticks because they do what they want,” an affected user tells us. This is all that happens with the Joy-Con of the Switch and the response that Nintendo has given to solve the problem .

It is not a problem that affects all Joy-Con, although it is quite widespread and there are numerous cases where it occurs, for at least almost a year . As TheVerge describes , it happens more with the left sticks than with the right ones. And despite not touching the controllers, sometimes the game moves alone.

“I have the character still for example and the camera goes alone for the sides or the character moves even if it does not touch the controls . It is not that it happens constantly but it is enough to be annoying,” they explain. A really annoying problem that directly interferes with the control of the game.

Nintendo supports phantom keystrokes with the Switch’s Joy-Con

Now Nintendo has recognized the problem and promises a solution. To date, only if you were under warranty could you go to Nintendo and have them changed. However, Nintendo has issued a statement explaining that we can contact technical support in case of the ‘Joy-Con Drift’:

“At Nintendo, we are very proud to create quality products and continuously introduce improvements to them. We are aware of the recent news that some Joy-Con controllers do not respond correctly. We want our consumers to have fun with Nintendo Switch and, if something prevents this objective from being met, we encourage you to visit the customer service section of our website to receive our help. “

As Vice reports , Nintendo will repair the Joy-Con for free with this problem and it will not even be necessary to have the active warranty for the repair. In fact, if a Joy-Con has previously been repaired for this item and paid, a refund may be requested.

The cause is unknown, but Nintendo already offers official support

What is the cause of this problem with the Joy-Con? There is still no official explanation, but it could be a combination of several factors. First of all there is the dust, which could be introduced inside the stick and generate accidental touches. Other theories are that the connectors could be badly assembled.

Nor is there a clear solution, so our recommendation is to follow the information offered by Nintendo and go to the company’s support . Nintendo has already recognized the problem and foreseeably offers a quick and free solution even though the Switch warranty has already passed.

Although sending an accessory to repair is not very rewarding, at least we already have the confirmation that Nintendo will listen to us and admit that something has not worked as it should. Now we can only hope that the brand has fixed these problems in the new Nintendo Switch 2019 and Lite , where the controls are not removable.