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What you need to know about artificial intelligence for auto damage estimation



Artificial intelligence continues to develop in many sectors, including the automotive industry. In the auto body industry, software for estimating auto damage is becoming more and more accurate and can greatly speed up the repair and claim process.

Are you interested in the bodywork or automobile damage insurance sector? Find out how professionals in the bodywork industry are using artificial intelligence to facilitate a number of operations.


Software to obtain more precision during the estimate
The major players in the management software industry such as Mitchell or Audatex continue to innovate each year to enable the various parties involved in the damage repair process to facilitate a certain number of tasks. Now, using artificial intelligence, the most recent platforms make it possible, thanks to a database of millions of digital images, to make the claim and repair process faster, but above all more precise, thus reducing the number of errors.

Thanks to precise analyzes of the data collected during previous complaints, it is now possible to determine whether a vehicle is worth repairing or not. Verification by automobile damage estimators remains essential, in order to ensure that the data analyzed is the correct one. They can thus revise, approve or modify the reports suggested by the software, in order to adapt them more precisely.

A technology that will evolve further
Over the next few years, applications using artificial intelligence will become more sophisticated thanks to the accumulation of data integrated by bodybuilders and auto estimators. The technology not only makes it possible to increase the productivity of the various stakeholders but also to carry out more estimates per day while reducing the risk of errors.

Bodybuilders know how much each operation necessary to repair a vehicle costs money. Using artificial intelligence software allows them to account for all operations without forgetting any and thus, to be paid fairly by insurance companies. It also allows entrepreneurs to make the best business decisions by having available figures and costs in their entirety.

In the field of bodywork and insurance, artificial intelligence is increasingly used. Like it or not, it’s here to stay and industry professionals have every interest in using it to maximize their operations, their reputation and therefore their income. However, these systems will have to be used in full transparency, so that they work in the interest of bodybuilders and insurers.

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