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Samsung announces the integration of Movistar + content in the Universal Guide of its smart TVs



Samsung has announced that they already have the integration of the metadata of the contents available in the Movistar + application , which gives access to the operator’s on-demand television content, with its direct access smart TV services and content search. .

As they have pointed out, this is the first collaboration of this type between a television manufacturer and a telecommunications operator, which will allow owners of a Samsung smart TV to access and discover on- demand content in a more agile and simple way. available in the Movistar + application .

For example, we can access Movistar + content through the Universal Guide advanced programming guide , with the universal search engine “Search” or using the virtual voice assistant Bixby . Universal Guide shows a personalized panel with the contents classified in different categories and themes on a single screen, offering recommendations based on user preferences without opening any application.

In addition, as Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Brand Strategy & Innovation Services Senior Manager at Samsung Iberia has pointed out, it seems that the manufacturer plans to continue this type of integration with other operators :

We are very happy to have made this pioneering agreement with Movistar +, which will be the origin of many similar ones with other broadcast operators around the world. Our goal is to offer our users the best experience, and thanks to this integration, users of our Smart TVs will have a simple and intuitive access to the entire catalog.

At the moment they have not given more data in this regard, although a detail that must be noted, and that is that according to what can be read in the small print of the ad, this integration seems to be only available on QLED televisions manufactured in 2018, 2019 and 2020 , which limits the range of potential users who will benefit from the functionality.